DSV’s headquarter with Very Good Breeam Certificate

Friday May 14th, 2021

The Warsaw office building DSV received the BREEAM Very Good certificate. This means that the facility operates in a sustainable manner and has the least negative impact on the natural environment. The DSV Office office building is an environmentally friendly facility. Environmental protection was one of the priorities at every stage, from design, through construction works, to the very operation of the building.

Before the commencement of construction works, an ecological audit was carried out, as a result of which the species of amphibian subject to protection – the green toad – were identified on the future construction site. The temporary pool where the tadpoles had been found was fenced off with a herpetological fence, which prevented the further spread of the tadpoles that did not turn into juveniles. The local specialist obtained the appropriate approvals of the Regional Director of Environmental Protection and the District Office of Włochy to transfer protected amphibians to a new position – water reservoirs in the Park with the Grouse ponds and to the Zbarski Pond. As part of the recommendations of the Ecologist performing the audit, an educational board on amphibians was installed on the property, as well as shelters for hedgehogs and booths for swifts in the attic part of the building on the eastern side.

The building has been designed in such a way as to limit the negative impact on the environment:

  • a large percentage of glazing of the external walls and the appropriate location of workstations
  • in relation to external walls, they allow the use of daylight instead of artificial lighting
  • LED interior lighting with lower energy consumption was used
  • external blinds prevent glare and prevent excessive heating of the interior on sunny days, reducing the need for energy to cool the building
  • building equipment (workstation equipment, coffee points equipment, electric heaters, kitchen appliances, etc.) were selected on the basis of the lowest possible energy consumption confirmed by certificates of high energy efficiency
  • the elevators in the building have features that enable energy saving, such as stand-by mode, LED lighting, energy recovery
  • white installation (washbasin, kitchen, shower and toilet faucets, urinals), as well as dishwashers were selected based on low water consumption parameters
  • the selection of construction and finishing materials took into account the use of materials with appropriate environmental product declarations (EPD)
  • built-in wood and wood-based materials have appropriate certificates confirming the legality of wood origin (FSC, PEFC); wood used
  • at the construction site also had the appropriate certificates the building was located in a previously built-up area in order to avoid building up in new areas
  • the location of the building allows the use of alternative means of transport – convenient access to public transport and a city bike, an appropriate number of bicycle stands has been planned for people commuting
  • a room for collecting and segregating waste is provided in the building
  • the greenery around the building is the vegetation characteristic of the local habitat in harmony
  • according to Ecologist’s guidelines, the irrigation system based on drip lines and soil moisture sensors allows to minimize water consumption
  • an appropriate number of water and energy meters has been installed in the building, which allows for ongoing monitoring of media consumption, allowing for conscious use
  • workplaces are designed in an ergonomic way, with adequate lighting, access to daylight and outside view, protection against glare, employees have access to drinking water and rest areas during breaks from work
  • the building provides facilities for cyclists; the location of the building allows for close access to amenities, reducing the need for additional travel; the building is located in close proximity to many public transport lines; electric car charging stations have been installed in the underground garage, the above mentioned allow
  • to reduce the use of cars and the use of alternative transport sources, and as a result, allowing the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • only one workstation without a direct view to the outside, all workstations at a distance of less than 14m from windows / facades – access to daylight and a view to the outside ensuring the comfort of employees
  • booths for swifts were designed and built in the upper part of the building, shelters for hedgehogs – care for increasing the biodiversity of the urban environment
  • building designed and implemented for a specific tenant – fit out surface finish according to the guidelines and the choice of materials by the tenant – i.e. no need to perform additional adaptation works and waste additional materials for another tenant who would like to adapt the arrangement to their own requirements