We are revitalizing in Warsaw’s Praga district

Wednesday September 16th, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a contract for the revitalization of the tenement house at ul. Wrzesińska 2 in Warsaw, together with the extension of another residential building. After the revitalization of post-industrial buildings in Łódź (Teodor Meyerhoff’s Factory) and Warsaw (former Pollena Beauty factory), we take up another challenge in the form of the renovation of a 19th-century Praga tenement house.

About the building:

The construction of the tenement house and its outbuilding probably began in the spring of 1862. The design of the house erected for August Zieliński was made by the architect Antoni Kaliszewski. The construction of the house was probably completed in the first months of 1863. The tenement house was originally one-story building.


The investment involves the reconstruction and adaptation for housing purposes of the existing building (5 above-ground floors) and the construction of a new adjacent residential building with the 1st floor of an underground garage and 9th residential floors. 380 sq m of services are planned on the ground floor of the new building. The existing building is under conservation protection. The gate passage is to be reconstructed with particular care.