FTC revitalizes “heart” BOHEMA

Wednesday January 20th, 2021

At the beginning of January 2021, FineTech Construction signed a contract with OKAM for the further revitalization of the historical buildings of BOHEMA – Strefa Praga in its central part. This is a continuation of cooperation because for a year and a half, works have been underway in the historical part located around the chimney and on the side of Szwedzka street.

Revitalization works include the glycerin and boiler room as well as the space by the chimney. By the fourth quarter of 2021, approx. 3,500 m2 of service, retail and office space and approx. 3,200 m2 of land around the chimney will be restored. The entire part will be dedicated to services, trade, offices, social activities and social life. The assumption of OKAM is that the space around the chimney should be available not only to BOHEMA residents but also to be open to all Warsaw residents. The works are carried out under the supervision of the Mazowieckie Provincial Conservator of Monuments. While renovating historic buildings, OKAM maintains their external, historical appearance and character. We take care of many little things, because they create the atmosphere. Also in the interior, we keep and restore “old” elements. This applies, inter alia, to brick barrel ceilings or the wooden structure of the roof truss. An additional element that builds the post-industrial character of BOHEMA will be the boilers operating in the complex until recently, which are witnesses to the various history of this place. Made in 1935 in the Gdańsk Shipyard, they will be included in BOHEMA as elements of architecture. They will decorate an important place with us, incl. space around the chimney, which for me is the heart of BOHEMA – says Arie Koren, CEO of OKAM.

Revitalization is always a complex process. The aim is to restore historic and, unfortunately, in many places destroyed buildings to their former glory and adapt them to modern functions and standards. And this place in the center of BOHEMA will be a place for meetings, events, social life with bars, restaurants and services. As a Contractor, we also want to recreate and revitalize the entire space in accordance with the atmosphere and history of this place, as well as in accordance with the guidelines of the Masovian Voivodeship Monument Conservator and the assumptions of OKAM.

In our daily work, we make sure that the next generations in the dynamic reality of the 21st century do not lose their sense of their roots and the historical value of the surrounding buildings. That is why BOHEMA – Strefa Praga has a special place among our projects. Therefore, the next stage of the investment gives us the opportunity to restore the local community’s historical memory. Thanks to the combination of knowledge and passion, but also the experience of our professional team of engineers, together with Okam Capital, we not only create the new center of Warsaw’s Praga, but also give the whole Warsaw community the soul of old Warsaw closed in BOHEMA – says the president of FineTech Construction Włodzimierz Bogiel.

Historical buildings around the chimney are not only the Glycerynownia and the Boiler Room. Design works are already underway on the Warzelnia building, in which OKAM plans to build loft-style apartments, whose character will correspond to commercial and service premises in industrial style, which will be located on the ground floor, e.g. cafes, bars or small services with entrances from Szwedzka Street, as well as other historical buildings around the chimney.