DSV Office with the 2nd degree award in the competing “Construction of the Year 2020” PZITB

Wednesday September 29th, 2021

“DSV OFFICE” in Warsaw at ul. Taśmowa 10 received the 2nd degree Award in the Office Buildings category as part of the “Construction of the Year 2020” competition organized by the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians!

The building has seven above-ground storeys and two underground storeys with a garage. The structure of the building is made of reinforced concrete, column and slab. The foundation is made of a reinforced concrete slab in a casing made of diaphragm walls. The building is distinguished by a spacious atrium with a characteristic curved form, running through all floors, joining office spaces together. The atrium is covered with a large-area skylight. There are numerous common places for work and rest around the atrium. The building has been equipped with a canteen and a gym for use by employees. Bridges placed across the atrium on each floor are a strong accent of the interior. Materials and solutions similar to those in other DSV buildings were used – white balconies, natural wood and reinforced concrete columns. The front facade is fully glazed, which provides additional lighting of the internal surfaces. Outside, the building is enclosed with characteristic aluminum façade cassettes, which reduce direct sunlight through their structure. The building is BREEAM certified.

The building area is 3536.09 m2, the usable area is 30,022.12 m2, and the building volume is 138,641.00 m3. All works were carried out within 25 months.