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Project details:

Segment: Office building
Client: DSV International Shared Services
Construction project: APA Wojciechopwski Sp. z o.o.
Executive project: Pracownia Projektowa Archmo Architekci Marcin Moldzyński
Completion: March 2020


Project description:

Seven-storey A class office building with two-level underground garage is being built in a consortium with Fundamental Group S.A. The Scandinavian-style building with a total floor area of over 20,000 sq. m will be a workplace for 1,500 people.

The design includes a glazed façade with a decorative element in the form of triangular spatial aluminium shading panels that will follow the sun, providing protection from its rays. The ground floor with contain a space with service functions such as a fitness club, cafeteria, retail space or an auditorium. In addition, there will be conference rooms and an entrance hall with a general reception and access control, passing into a 6-floor atrium, lit up from above with a skylight, and from the front with a glass entrance façade. In view of its use of environment-friendly technology, the building will be submitted for Bream certification.