Safety first!

Monday June 17th, 2019

The construction industry, unlike other sectors of the economy, is particularly vulnerable to accidents at work, including fatal accidents.

According to the Central Statistical Office, in 2018, there were 5247 cases officially reported and recorded by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) on construction sites, 48. Other data are available from the National Labor Inspectorate. in 2018 PIP inspectors examined the circumstances and causes of 540 accidents at work in construction, in which 70 people were killed and 171 people suffered serious injuries.

Bearing in mind the safety of our employees and all authorized persons staying on our construction sites, last Friday (14/06/2019) we conducted a series of trainings on occupational health and safety, first aid in the event of an accident or fire protection.

We have had first aid training at construction sites. We participated in workshops and presentations of occupational safety practices at construction sites, security demonstrations and lectures of health and safety inspectors.